Aerospace and Defence News, December 2019


 After the latest ESA ministerial conference, UK Space Agency confirms continued involvement and five-year spending plan

The UK is to continue its active role as part of ESA, industry secretary Andrea Leadsom confirmed following the ministerial council meeting in Seville this week. As ESA is not part of the European Union’s organisations, the UK’s involvement is not affected by Brexit.


Airbus Defence and Space has invested in US-based battery technology company Amprius, to boost the development of new generation batteries based on silicon nanowire anode technology. The investment will help drive the development of higher volume production capacity, and cells with higher energy density for programmes such as the Zephyr high altitude pseudo satellite and Urban Air Mobility innovation initiatives.


Angloco the UK’s oldest manufacturer of fire engines has secured a major deal to replace and service most of the UK Ministry of Defence exists fire fleet.


The £30m order comes as part of the Defence Fire and Rescue Project a significant outsourcing contract recently awarded to Capita Plc.

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